Make a champagne-cork memory jar


Did you celebrate Valentine's Day with a bottle of bubbly?! If you're anything like me, you'll keep the cork as a momento, pop it somewhere 'safe', then find it two years later rolling around at the bottom of a drawer and have no idea where it came from or what special event you were celebrating!

Well hoarders rejoice, because this simple idea means you get to keep all your corks in one place – and they look really stylish too. At least, I think they do.

For my boyfriend's birthday last year, I bought him a personalised glass jar from ZeeCee Boutique to keep our champagne corks in. The inscription reads: M & M, Let's Celebrate – Pop, fizz, clink. Cute. It's only for champagne corks or for when we've had a really special bottle of fizz for an important occasion – because, let's face it, if I put in every cork from the bottles of prosecco we've drunk, the jar would be overflowing by now. In fact, I'd need five jars. Maybe 10.

To remember what we were celebrating & when, I got hold of some small brown gift tags & twine & attached a little note to each cork with the date, the special occasion & any other important details – an idea I got from a close friend who once asked me to write a little note & attach it to a prosecco cork when I was visiting.

Matt and I have corks from celebrating big birthdays, anniversaries, and toasting to lost loved ones. Call me soppy, but I like the idea of looking through them in a few years' time & reliving those memories.

If you like this idea, why not give it a try & let me know how you get on!

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