Fun clay lollipop magnets


These colourful clay creations will brighten up even the dullest kitchens, 
and they're super-easy to make.

Discovering polymer clay was one of the first things that sparked my interest in crafts as a teen. After my best friend made some cute stumpy clay figures that looked like us, I stole her idea (sorry, Naomi!) and started making personalised cards with 3D clay figures on them. If I can find the pictures of them, I will add them to the bottom of this post – but they'll be lost on a spare hard-drive somewhere, probably in a far distant land. 

So for now, here's a really simple way to use clay to make lollipop magnets. Or adapt the instructions to make sweetie jewellery or pin badges – tips at the end. 

You will need: 
3 different colours of clay for each lollipop (we used Fimo Soft)
Plastic craft knife
Lollipop sticks, cut in half widthways
Baking tray and parchment
Craft varnish
Magnets (available from Hobbycraft)
Super glue

1. Roll out each colour of clay into a sausage approximately 15cm long and 5mm in diameter. Press the three colours together, then gently roll until they form a sausage, about 1cm thick.

2. Holding the end of the sausage in one hand, use your other hand to slowly twist it, working your way along, to create the lollipop swirls (see pic below). One twisted, give it another quick roll to smooth the edges.

3. Spiral the sausage round into a snail shape, pressing the clay together as you go to make sure it sticks.

4. Then carefully insert the lollipop stick into the bottom of the swirl, until it reaches the middle.

5. Place the lollies on a lined baking tray, and cook in a preheated oven for 20-30 minutes at 110C (check you clay pack instructions for exact timings and temperature).

6. Remove from the oven and leave to cool completely. Then give the lollies (not the sticks) a good coating of varnish.

7. Once dry, glue a magnet onto the back and leave for a few hours to make sure the glue is set. Then they're good to go.

Top tip: Make these smaller to create a cute pendant for a necklace. Just pierce a hole in the top of the lolly for the chain to go through before you bake it. Or, instead of a magnet, glue a brooch pin to the back.

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