How to make a cupcake bouquet


These bouquets make perfect gifts for birthdays, baby showers, hen dos and Mother's Day... and can be made using things you probably have lying around your house. 

You will need: 

A plant pot or vase (17-20cm in diameter)
7 plastic cups
7 large cupcakes
250g buttercream (we coloured ours using lilac Sugarflair paste)
Star piping nozzle (like Wilton 2D)
Tissue paper in green and two colours of your choice
Optional: Fondant leaves, butterflies and edible pearls 

1. Start by stapling your plastic cups together, so you have one in the centre and six arranged around it (see pic below). Make sure they fit snugly inside your plant pot, with not too much cup sticking out, then set aside.

2. Tie the ribbon around the plant pot, then cut a square of tissue paper approx 75cm wide from your two colours. Push these into the base of the pot and fan out the edges over the lip, so you can see both colours.
3. Place the plastic cups into the pot, and pop a cupcake into each one. Cut large leaf shapes from the green tissue paper and tuck these into the little gaps between the cups.
4. Then the fun part! Snip off the end of your disposable piping bag and insert the star nozzle. Fill with one colour of buttercream and twist the top to give you a better grip. Starting at the centre of the cupcake, hold the bag at 90 degrees and gently squeeze out the buttercream, moving slowly round in a spiral until the top of the cupcake is covered. You can decorate all your cakes with one colour, or choose complementing shades. Just rinse out the star nozzle and fit it into another disposable bag for each colour.

5. You can leave the decorating there, or add little details like fondant leaves, butterflies, or scatter edible pearls over the top.

 Here are some I made earlier... this time with the plant pots wrapped in pretty paper. 

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